Box Jumps & Babies!

1. How long have you been CrossFitting?

I have been crossfitting since November 2013.

2. Do you remember what made you want to give it a go?

I have a cousin in Canada who is really into CrossFit. So when I was travelling there in 2013, I went along to a session at ‘The Tank’ the local CrossFit in her home town. It ignited my competitive nature- my cousin could lift more than I could. So as soon as I came back to Melbourne I was on the hunt for a local CrossFit gym in the West. I had been doing Les Mills aerobic classes with Paul Zuti at Bayfit and he told me about CrossFit Westgate (it was subsequently another year until he came over himself!). I love the skill diversity, the socializing and competitive nature of CrossFit.

3. Tell us a little bit about Ruby!

Hmm something you don’t know about me?! Anything terribly interesting I am sure you would absolutely know by now, I would have made sure of it ;)! For work, I am the state manager of CanTeen- a non-profit organization that provides psychosocial support to young people who have experienced a diagnoses of cancer either themselves, or within their immediate family. I love my job!  When not working, or at the gym, I travel interstate A LOT to visit my family in Brisbane, Sydney and Tasmania. I love wine…. And having been acting like a squirrel collecting food for the winter, by collecting it as opposed to drinking it, to enjoy once the baby is on the outside.

4. You are currently pregnant with your first bubs, and still training very consistently, what’s your secret?

I injured my shoulder late last year at the Allstar competition, and subsequently took a few months off CrossFit. I had always wanted to maintain fitness throughout pregnancy, so as soon as we (Matt and I) found out about baby, I got back into CrossFit. The good thing about pregnancy is that it has made me slow down and concentrate on technique versus speed. My competitive nature never really allowed this to happen before.  Every training week has to be approached differently when pregnant as your body is changing so rapidly, so I think I have become more responsive to what my body is telling me.  Some weeks I will do five sessions and the next week one or two- because that’s what I could manage.  Overall, consistency in training has been really good for my energy, physicality and headspace whilst pregnant (not much different to non-pregnant me).

5. Have you found you have had to alter much throughout your training as you have progressed through your pregnancy?

As mentioned, each week the body feels slightly different. I have managed to be quite consistent with my weight training right up until the third trimester, where I have had to scale back on the weight. Particularly with the Snatch, as my technique was being compromised by the maneuvering I was doing to get around my tummy. I also stopped deadlifting. It’s always been a weakness on my lower back, and that was exasperated in pregnancy- for me.  Basically training right now feels a lot like having a medicine ball shoved into your guts… you can still do lots of things; there is just a level of discomfort to it.

6. Would you say that keeping up your training has had any benefits for you while being pregnant?

HEAPS! My position on this is that training is helping me prepare for the biggest physical event of my life … giving birth. I want to be in the best shape I can be for whatever that experience throws at me.

7. Do you have any post pregnancy goals?

I am just looking forward to getting my full range of movement back. I want to be able to do box jumps properly again, tie pull ups together, run, tie my own shoes ;) … I would love to be able to compete in the next in-house competition, as I keep missing them!

8. What advice would you give expecting Mums like yourself particularly those that aren’t sure whether to keep up with their fitness regimes?

You get a lot of advice when pregnant. Every woman is different, every body is different. Do what feels right for you. We went to one appointment with an Obstetrician at the start of the pregnancy (she did not look like someone that was into fitness herself) and she told us that CrossFit wasn’t really a pregnancy sport and absolutely no wine (even small amountsJ). We never saw her again. We have been really lucky to have a very positive experience and a healthy baby throughout by following what I knew about my body. So hopefully that continues from now to when this little guy breaks out into the real world!