Just Keep Swimming....Nipun's Testimonial!

1. A couple of years ago, you rocked in through the doors at Westgate, what made you come give it a go?

At the time I was finishing off my competitive swimming and I was searching for something. At the start I just started running in the morning before school and going to the gym with my friends most of the days after school but after a while the competitive side of me started  to became bored which made me research more into circuit training where I found Tabata which is high intensity interval training featuring various exercises, and the more I looked into Tabata I found CrossFit workouts, I was hooked straight away. The gymnastics and the kipping pullups caught my eye straight away I was attempting kipping pull ups the very next day which led to my first CrossFit workout ever, it was Fran what a workout start with ey! Not going to lie, it took me awhile to finish that but I knew I wanted to give it a go. The first gym I Found was Crossfit Westgate and I basically stalked the Westgate Facebook and Instagram pages, and contacted Damo. A week later Im doing WODs with all these wonderful people.


2. You come from a competitive swimming background, has that helped you anyway with your training program now? i.e. strength, competitiveness, motivation, dedication etc

Yes the reason I started swimming was to help my asthma but the more I trained the more time I put in to it I got better. It didn’t happen in a day, a month. it took years of hard work but it payed off I got to represent my school at Nationals and even got the opportunity to represent my country. Knowing that putting time into something pays off makes me want to keep coming to the box.    


3. If there was a WOD called “Nipun” what could we expect?

First of all there will be no double unders haha

20m Handstand walk 

then 3 rounds;

1 x heavy snatch

1 x heavy clean & jerk

5 x muscle ups

50m swim


4. What goals have you set for yourself in the next 12 months?

I've been doing a strength program with Damien since the start of this year which has made me stronger and I would like to continue that and compete in more Olympic lifting competitions.    

My goal is to get strong really strong improve my snatch and clean and jerk and get my double unders! 



5. What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering starting CrossFit, or new to CrossFit?

Anyone who is thinking of starting CrossFit Westgate is the best place to start. Everyone is friendly, the Coaches will help you with any problem you have you'll feel like you've known them for years. You wont realise how much you’ll enjoy it until you try it.