How to trust yourself in training

One of the hardest things to do in training is to trust yourself to know how to get great results.

We have all experienced the time in the WOD when your head is running mad with thoughts about,

“Should I rest now?”

“Should I have scaled differently?”

“I can’t make it through this WOD”

“Am I pushing hard enough?”

These are all just DOUBTS driving your decision-making and FEAR that you will “GET IT WRONG”.

Below are 3 practical ways to build that trust in yourself to help you achieve your best in training.

1.     Understand you are in control of your own outcome.

 Your coaches are there to give you guidance. Your fellow athletes are there for you to discuss options. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for your own training and results.

When you learn to trust yourself in what you need to do this becomes a really easy thing to accept. When you doubt yourself and your decisions in regards to scaling, intensity, and rest in your WOD, you feel totally out of control and disconnected from your outcome.


When you trust your instincts on what weight to scale to, what intensity to train at and when to rest you will get the best result 90% of the time. We will all make mistakes with scaling, intensity and rest. If you learn the lessons from it you will only make it once.

Ask yourself how often you make a decision on your strategy for the WOD only to have doubts put in your mind when you see what someone else is doing. You then change your strategy to theirs only to be disappointed with the result.

A classic example is someone starts out the WOD much faster than you were going to so you chase them only to realise you have BOTH gone out far too hard and ended up over your redline and “IN THE HOLE”, you struggle for the rest of your WOD and finish disappointed.


2. Develop the Discipline & Focus to only listen to yourself.

 Firstly I want to be very clear. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR COACH.  They know what is good for you.

What I am looking at here is only listening to your own instinct when it comes to how hard to push during your WOD. It takes real Discipline & Focus to only listen to yourself and ignore what others are saying & doing during the WOD. You know what is the right pace and strategy so you get best results listening to yourself.

One of the biggest fears I find with athletes is the fear of not pushing hard enough and therefore not getting the best results you can. There is a BIG difference between being soft and not being panicked in your training. Look at Rich Froning, he always looks very calm and focused no matter what is happening around him. He has mastered the art of only listening to himself.

YOU WILL KNOW if you are being soft and taking the easy road in your WOD, you can’t hide from yourself.

Developing this Discipline & Focus is no different to Kipping Pull-ups, Snatch, Muscle Ups or any other skill in Crossfit. YOU NEED TO PRACTICE THE SKILL OVER & OVER and you can always improve from where you are now.

Practice this skill everyday and learn to be Disciplined & Focused to only listen to yourself in your training. Ignore the negative voices in your head and only focus on the next rep, your technique and your breathing.

3. Respect other Athlete’s decisions.

 Learn to respect that everyone is on their on journey with training and therefore they have their reasons for what they are doing and how they are doing it.

A big part of you learning to trust yourself in your training is learning to respect other people’s decisions. Don’t give anyone your opinion unless they ask for it unless you see something dangerous could happen. It’s easy to become a little arrogant as you develop confidence in trusting yourself in your training and think that you may also have the answers for those around you.

Part of respecting another Athlete’s decisions is understanding you do not know why they are doing what they have chosen. They may be focusing on strength development therefore going heavy as the focus rather then intensity. Once you respect the Athlete’s around you and the decisions they make it is a lot easier to not get caught up in trying to chase them down in WOD’s or do what they do because you have realised you DO NOT KNOW what their motivation is.

Always be open to discuss options and ideas with your fellow Crossfitters but wait until they ask rather than forcing your opinions on someone else.

Again trusting yourself to know what is right for you means you don’t have to explain or justify it to anyone else.

Article originally posted by on Again Faster by Shaun O'Gorman