Jacob's Journey!

A bit about me:

I am a third year law student, studying at Deakin Geelong, and play hockey for the Altona Hockey Club. Being a uni student, crossfit works perfectly with my timetable, as it allows me to get to a morning or evening session (or midday if and when I sleep through my alarm) depending on what works best for that particular day, as well as fitting in with my hockey training schedule.

I started Crossfit in January 2015, but it wasn’t until around mid-April that I truly devoted myself to losing weight. I started dieting much more strictly, gave up drinking (as much as an ordinary 19 year old can) and attending as many sessions as possible. Though I can’t put an exact date on it, it’s been around nine months since I decided to make serious changes in my life. In this time, I’ve lost over 45 kilograms, which is something I had all but given up on.


What made you decide to try CrossFit?

While I wish there was a cooler explanation, the truth is that my mum was the person who first suggested that I try out crossfit, after having heard about it from a close friend of hers. For the past few years I had been trying to lose weight, but lacked the motivation to exercise regularly. Knowing that if she left it to me that same lack of motivation may mean that I never got around to it, she did some research and found Crossfit Westgate, sent an email and organised a trial session for me.

In late December 2014, I attended a Crossfit trial session with a friend. It was the most difficult workout I had ever endured, and I struggled to walk for a few days following it, but I was instantly hooked. As soon as my hamstrings had recovered, I went back to sign up. 

Jacob Testimonial 2.jpg

*image from 15.5 CrossFit Open WOD in March 2015.

What keeps you coming back?

There are many things about Crossfit, and in particular Westgate, that keep me coming back. From the first time I set foot in the box, I have been made to feel completely welcome, and this makes an incredible difference. One of the most intimidating things about an ordinary gym can be the other patrons, so being included, greeted and encouraged by a group of smiling faces from day one was very much appreciated.

The thing that really keeps me coming back is the desire to improve, which crossfit instills into me. The satisfaction that comes from seeing improvement is one of the things that has inspired me the most, and nothing drives me to hit a PB more than failing to do so previously. Every session offers a new challenge to overcome the barriers you set yourself mentally. To be better than you thought you could be. This desire is what keeps me coming back.

What goals have you set for yourself?

In the coming months, I aim to continue to improve all of my movements, as they are far from perfect. On top of this, I want to continue to develop my fitness and strength in general, losing fat and building muscle in the process.

In the long term, my goals are to be able to perform some of the more difficult Crossfit movements, which I would never have thought possible months ago, like Muscle-ups and Handstand Push-Ups. 

Jacon 161.JPG

*image from 16.1 CrossFit Open WOD in February 2016.

Advice for someone starting out/considering CrossFit

The only advice I can really offer is that you’ll never know just how much you’ll enjoy Crossfit until you give it a go. Don’t be scared off by the reputation of crossfitters, as I’m certain that you’ll be made to feel just as welcome as I was, and you may just fall in love with the high-intensity workouts.