Let’s start by saying there’s nothing wrong with comparing yourself to someone else and there’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition between athletes and some people thrive on that to get them through just as long as when you do compare yourself to someone else it doesn’t make YOU feel bad about your own CrossFit journey. There’s those days where we’re feeling fantastic, you’ve had the best day at work, you had the best nights sleep and eaten to fuel your day and workout which you are sure was tailor made just for you and yes you are box jumping as if you are part kangaroo, your toes to bar are effortless and you’re lifting like the pro lifter you are then you come back tomorrow and you feel like you can’t even lift the bar let alone remember that the snatch has the wide grip. Yet the guy/girl who finished 2 minutes behind you yesterday is having that ripper of a day, do you then wonder what has happened will you ever get that feeling back and be as good as them? Does your confidence drop; does that affect your next session?

Its then we need to stop and remember we all have different goals, different things happening in our home/work life, and we are all on our own journey. For some people that journey may just be for fitness, me time and fun (and a chat if you join in a 9.15am sesh), another might want to make the Cross Fit games, another may just love the challenge of seeing their lifting numbers increase, and another may just want to be on top of the leader board. Whatever your journey is will have a different outcome compared to anyone else in the gym. And this is the only time we compare, is our choice of differences, an athlete working on their oly lifting is going to make those lifts look effortless while one working on increasing leg strength by doing squats, wall balls or box jumps will benefit and look effortless.

And even if you are pretty much on par with the athlete next to you, you will always have a different approach to a workout and what we don’t always know about each other that they (or you) might have had a bad nights sleep, be carrying an injury or have a little niggle, have been doing some extra work to achieve specific goals and just going through the movements or maybe its just not important for some where they end up on the leader board. (Shock horror, what?!!! Someone doesn’t give a f@#k about where they ended up on the leader board).

So remember no matter what your level or ability is or what stage of your journey you’re at, compare yourself to you and what you can do in that given moment of time. 

Article by Kerri-Ann Sturzaker