Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...

Good things come to those who wait. Sounds cliché right? Maybe so, but it’s a true statement when it comes too moving well, particularly in this sport we call CrossFit.

CrossFit draws from many other sports, sports that people spend a lifetime perfecting and working on, but in CrossFit we short cut those movements and use them in many variable formats and modalities. It is because of the many variables in CrossFit that the sport can seem overwhelming to the novice just starting out, they walk into the end of a session that is in full swing waiting eagerly to start their free 1:1 trial session, and are either intimidated by what they see or cant wait to get started and be able to do what everyone else is doing.

It is not uncommon for us to hear or get asked as Coaches ‘How long until I can do what everyone else is doing?” or “How long until I get strong?”. Our approach as Coaches is always to work technique and appropriate progressions before weight or advanced movements to reap the benefits down the track, which sometimes can seem like an impossible achievement for the athlete at the time and unfortunately we are unable to put an exact timeframe on it as each person is different but we can guarantee that if the work is put in, the rest will come.

This method also reduces the chance of injury as we are educating athletes along the way on how to move, being able to recognize themselves what good movement should feel like, and also allowing them to know what progression is most appropriate for them, so we promise, there is absolute method to our madness!

It’s also not uncommon that once an athlete is a few months into their journey they at this stage have already made great progress, are less worried about what everyone else is doing, and more interested in their own goals as they can see their hard work already paying off.

At the end of the day, if the right environment is provided with great Coaching, there is no way an athlete will not improve and achieve the goals they have set, it just takes time, so good things really do come to those that wait!