Work your Weaknesses

How common is it to look at a workout for the day and pick out all the things you do and don’t like about it? Often the things you don’t like are because you aren’t as good at them? Correct?

We often gravitate towards those things that we are good at, because well, we are good at them, and we like doing them!

Always doing the things you are good at means you probably will still get better at those things, but then you are likely neglecting the things you are not so good at, or are weaker at, which is fine, if you are ok with not being well rounded at your sport.

In CrossFit, it is impossible to cover every single variable and movement there is every week, so the hones comes back to the athlete to work on those other skills and movements that they find are not something they are strong, or good at.

The longer a weakness is pushed aside, the harder the motivation to want to spend time working on it. Just imagine though, that weakness will eventually become less and less a weakness, the more time invested in becoming better at it, and hopefully becomes a strength in time.

The first step is identifying those weaknesses and putting a plan in place to work at them. Own it and the victory afterwards will feel so much sweeter when it’s not a movement you consider a limitation or shudder when you see it come up.

Article by Tammy Hicks (CrossFit Westgate Coach)