Member of the Month - June 2017

This month’s member of the month is one of our youngest members, congratulations Emma Naismith!

Emma had only been with us for a few months, however, we’ve seen great progress since she started.

Emma has a natural ability for moving a barbell and you will often see her as a regular in the Olympic Weightlifting classes which has paid off hugely, as she is going from strength to strength every week, not bad, considering she came to her first weightlifting class unknowingly (thinking it was a Saturday morning CrossFit session!).

Emma comes from a rowing background, which we’ve yet to see her rowing skills, however, we do know she will give you a run for your money when it comes to box jump overs!

Well done Emma, keep up the hard work, we look forward to seeing you continue to grow as a CrossFit athlete, we’re glad you got sick of hearing about CrossFit at home from Mum (Donna) and brother (Will) and came in and seen for yourself what it’s about!