Member of the month - August 2017

August Member of the Month is Steph Sweeney!

Steph joined Westgate back in January this year after completing the Elements course. Since joining us, what we’ve learned about Steph is that she is willing to give anything a go, takes feedback on board and also loves a rave!!

You’ll see Steph around in any of the sessions from 6am to PM to recently starting the Olympic Weightlifting classes.

We’ve also recognized that Steph makes smart choices with her training and really respects her progressions. What we mean by this, is that she is happy to put technique and good moving before worrying about a heavy load. A perfect example that Steph is working through at the moment is working on her squat technique, keep it up Steph, the work you put in now will pay off in the long run!

Keep chipping away Steph, you’re a pocket rocket and we love seeing your happy face walk into the gym!