Member of the Month - October 2018

I’m sure this one doesn’t come as a surprise! Congrats to Richard on Member of the Month for October!

 Richard was a member with us a couple of years ago, left and returned back to us in February this year.

 For those of you that already know Richard, he is the loud energetic one, and is always the first to gives others a little bit of a motivational push!

 Richard is a keen cyclist, which benefits his Crossfit particularly when it comes to endurance, and Crossfit benefits his cycling contributing to his strength.

 We’ve seen Richard make great progress since returning to us, his gymnastics movements have come a long way, and his strength and technique is constantly improving.

 Richard is a regular in the 9:15am session, but you’ll never see him hang around for the bonus stretching at the end…I guess he’s too keen to head off for his post training coffee!

 Awesome work Richard, look forward to seeing what the next 12 months looks like with your CrossFit and cycling training!