Member of the Month - May 2018

A big congratulations to our long time member Kerryn Wheeler!

Kerryn is one of our original members, and it’s been brilliant to have her along for the journey and also to be a part of hers.

You will often see Kerryn in the Olympic weightlifting classes and evening CrossFit sessions with a friendly smile and happy to work with anyone, old and new faces!

Doing anything for a long period doesn’t come without it’s ups and downs, but it’s how you handle them that counts, and that’s where Kerryn nailed it. Respecting your body, and making smart training decisions is imperative, it’s a short time sacrifice for the longer term goal and we are pleased that Kerryn is back into full training after looking after herself (and her knee!).

Well done Kerryn, you’re an absolute Ninja, this CrossFit business is making you younger by the year! We look forward to you bringing the Grandchildren in and them becoming the next generation of Westgate!!