Member of the Month - July

Congrats Lauren Dundon on member of the month for July!

Lauren (aka Loz) has been a member at CrossFit Westgate since 2015, a regular in the 9:15am class and she sometimes cameo’s in the Saturday 8am session!

You may recognise Loz from a very impressive set of ‘guns’! Although, don’t comment on them when she is training, as she can’t continue the workout, the guns must get stage fright! ;)

Loz came to us with a martial arts background and has no problem in the strength department. She loves to throw a bit of weight around, and recently just smashed out a casual 2:40 Grace time (for those playing along at home, Grace is a CrossFit benchmark workout).

Although her preference is weightlifting, Loz set out a goal to work on her endurance and running to help her with some other personal ambitions she has. This type of training hasn’t gone to waste, as this year she has signed up and represents the Spotswood women’s AFL football team, and fair to say, Loz is a boss on the footy field, averaging 5-6 goals per match (she also has a mean hip and shoulder, so don’t get in her way!).

Well done Loz, it’s great to see you putting your fitness and talent into other areas of your life, keep up the hard work!