Goal Setting

As another new year rolls around, it’s the typical time where people sit back and reflect on the previous year, and perhaps what they want to achieve for the year ahead. 

Firstly goal setting can really be done at any time of the year, however, the New Year is just a good time as any.

Why is it important to have goals?

Goals give your something to work towards. Goal setting allows you to do something with purpose, with a target in mind, therefore helps keep you motivated.

Working towards a goal is also a way to monitor your progress as you have set yourself an achievement for something that you currently weren’t doing or didn’t have, and when you see improvements or achieve the goal, you know that you instantly improved at this task. As adults, it’s important to keep yourself motivated and constantly keep learning and achieving your goals.

Goals can come in many shapes and sizes, here’s some tips for goal setting that may be useful; 

1.     Pick realistic goals; you don’t want to set goals that your lifestyle don’t permit you to work towards or that are really out of your reach, otherwise you are setting yourself up to fail.

2.     Don’t pick too many, perhaps pick the top 5 things that you want to achieve, and give yourself a full 12 month timeline to tick them off.

These can be as simple as;

·      Increase going to the gym from 3 time to 4 times a week

·      Prepping lunch meals for everyday

·      Learn how to do toes to bar

·      Add 5kg to back squat

·      Go to bed earlier during the week

·      Drink more water

·      Read x number of books

3.     Once you have them down in writing (using notes on your phone is a good place to keep them), you now have a commitment to yourself to put the actions in place to ensure you can meet your goals. You have 12 months (or longer if needed) to do so, so prioritisting them might be helpful so it’s not too overwhelming. For example you might aim to focus on just 2 of your goals at a time, and once you achieve them, set your sights on the next 2, trying to do all of them at once may result in not doing any of them well.

4.     Ask for guidance on how to work towards your goals if you aren’t sure where to start.

5.     Get excited when you get to tick your goals off throughout the 12 months, this can be with a happy dance, sharing it on social media (of course!) or rewarding yourself for achieving the set goals.

Article by Tammy Hicks (Crossfit Westgate Coach)