Can CrossFit help your injury? Let's ask Linda!

1. Tell us a little bit about Linda…

 I’m a mum of 2 and wife to Keeh, who is also a member at Crossfit Westgate, and he is a serving member of the Australian Defence Force so we have moved around quite a bit!  I’m a medical sonographer (ultrasound) and have worked in all areas of ultrasound but at the moment I am specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology. 

I’m a fan of true crime so my hobbies include listening to podcasts and reading books about this. My husband has got me hooked on watching MotoGP (motorbike racing) and of course Crossfit is a big hobby!



 2. Why did you decide to give Crossfit a go?

 About 20 years ago I had a minor car accident, injuring my back and neck, and that coupled with years working as a dental assistant and now sonographer (i.e. unusual sitting postures to work)  gave me chronic neck, back and shoulder pain.  

Over the years I tried Pilates, yoga and personal training to try and ease the pain but nothing really helped and this left me reliant on sometimes weekly trips to the osteopath, myotherapist and massage therapist. 

In 2017 I ended up in hospital due to complications from tonsillitis and doctors discovered I had developed an allergy to the pain killers I had been taking to ease my back and neck pain. For 4 days I sat in hospital watching Crossfit documentaries and signed up for a trial at Crossfit Westgate in my hospital bed! I had nothing to lose! 



 3. How do you feel Crossfit benefits your overall health and fitness and your general day to day life?

In regards to overall health and fitness, I wish I had of had of started Crossfit years ago. I’ve never been a “fit” person or overly sporty but I love Crossfit and I have never been healthier or fitter in my life than I am now. 

In regards to my pain, I started to really notice the difference after a couple of months and by the end of the first 6 months I was completely free of all my chronic pain and it has stayed that way.  Prior to Crossfit I had wondered how I was going to continue to work as a sonographer into the future with all my back and neck issues. I no longer suffer any pain at work and this is the biggest plus for me in my day to day life. 


4. Quite often people either love or hate Crossfit, what would be your advice to anyone sitting on the fence about giving it a go?

 Having a partner who is in the military I had been exposed to Crossfit many years ago and of course Crossfit has a reputation for “breaking” people. I think that is what put me off for a long time. I had friends that loved Crossfit and said it was just a matter of finding the right gym and the right coaching staff. My advice to anyone contemplating Crossfit is don’t be put off by the negative press, head down to the box, meet the coaching staff and members give it a go! 

 5. Tell us something that we don’t know about you!

 My first uni degree was a Bachelor of Arts (Languages) and I majored in Italian, French and German!