What is the league of strength?

The league of strength is a test of your strength, open to all westgate members.
It will be based this year off 3 lifts:

  • Back Squat

  • Deadlift

  • Bench Press

We will total all 3 lifts and put it into the sinclair formula to give you your sinclair total.

When does it start, and how long does it run?

It all kicks off next Monday 15rd April, for 16weeks.
Till 2nd August

How many attempts at the lifts will I get?

As many as you like in the 16weeks.
The league of strength will run in conjunction with regular sessions, if you feel like going for you big lift on a particular night, then go for it.

How are my lifts judged and recorded?
Lifts must be preformed at Crossfit Westgate, with at least one coach as a witness to a successful lift.
All movements must meet required standard.
Coaches will then record you lift in a special spread sheet on google docs.

Click this link to see special page 

What is the sinclair formula?
The Sinclair Coefficients are a means to compare different weight classes in olympic weightlifting.
Basically it puts everyone on a level playing field.

Is this a competition?
It is not really a competition, more a test of your strength.

Is there any cost to enter?
There is NO cost to enter, its just for fun.

What is the purpose of the league of strength?
The purpose of the league of strength is to motivate you to improve your strength in a healthy manner. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Time to get strong me friends.