Not long now warriors

Hope your all ready to lifts some weights and smash some pbs.

Below you will find the heat times.
There will be 2 weight in times 8am and 12pm.
Please make sure you arrive on time for weight ins.

P.S. there is no changing heats or late additions

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 1.19.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 2.20.49 PM.png
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Judging Rules
Three Judges watch for incorrect features of the lift to separate a “Good” lift from a “Bad Lift”.
Here are the basic items judges look for:
If the bar does not pass the knees you can attempt the lift again.
Once you name is called you have 1min to complete the lift
If you follow yourself you will get 2mins to complete next lift.
Each lifter is given three attempts at each of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.
Lifters must wait for judges down signal
First, all lifters in a session will complete all three attempts at the Snatch. Then, after a 10 minutes break, all lifters will take three attempts at the Clean and Jerk.
The weight on the barbell only goes up! All lifters who are attempting a certain weight complete their attempts before the other lifters attempt higher weights.
It up to the lifter to inform the desk of the weight of there next lift, if unsuccessful the weight will automatically stay the same, if successful the weight will increase by 1kg.
No part of the lifter (except the bottom of the feet) shall touch the platform.
The Lifter cannot “press out” the barbell. Press out is when the elbows are bent and the lifter uses strength of the arms to lock out the elbows.
The lift must be all in one continuous movement - no stopping and restarting.
The elbows must not touch thighs or knees during the Clean. This is dangerous and can cause serious injury.
The Lifter must hold the bar steady and be motionless between the Clean and the Jerk.
The Lifter must hold the bar steady and motionless in all parts of the body overhead with feet inline with the plane of the trunk until the judges give the down signal
The Lifter must guide the bar down at least below shoulder level when the lift is complete.
Dropping from overhead is dangerous and an incorrect movement.
The Lifter must remain on the platform during the execution of the lift.

Any further questions please dont hesitate to ask.


Its time again, for the best crossfitters weightlifting comp around.
This comp is open to all levels of weightlifter, new and experienced.
Its a fun day of lifting ,beers and beats.

What: Western Warriors Weightlifting Comp 6.0
When 20th July
Where: Crossfit Westgate
Time: 8am till 3pm
Cost: $100 per athlete

Rego is open to the public, book quick because this comp fills quickly.
Also, add name to waitlist if you miss out, because its like that spaces will open up.