Crossfit is a training program to make you the best version of yourself possible.

The CrossFit program


The CrossFit program blends gymnastic, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning movements together combined with some general conditioning movements, like running, skipping, throwing, pulling, pushing and jumping, CrossFit does not specialise. Basically, we take all the best bits of other sports that work and get results, and put them together to train like professional athletes, but in a fun community environment.




Olympic Weightlifting is part of the CrossFit prescription. You may be familiar with the Snatch and Clean and Jerk lifts, or have even used them yourself. These movements are used by all sporting professionals regardless of their sport to make them better at what they do, and CrossFit is no different.




One thing that makes CrossFit unique is its scalability. What this means, is that regardless of your fitness level, ability, age, sex or body type, there is a level for everyone to work at. You don't have to be in shape to start CrossFit, all you need to do is get started, and we will take you to another level!